Topspec Joint Balancer

Topspec Joint Balancer

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TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer combines the benefits of a top specification conditioning feed balancer and an equine joint supplement.

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer is a superb product for a wide variety of horses, from those in hard to those on box-rest. Highly palatable ‘Non-Heating’, this feed can be fed on its own or with additional feed where extra condition is required.

  • A complete range of the micronutrients needed to balance feed
  • Glucosamine, amino acids and anti-oxidants to help maintain healthy joints.
  • Powerful levels of Vitamin E and selenium for healthy cell function
  • Biotin level that is scientifically proven to improve hoof quality
  • Effective levels of protein, vitamins, minerals for strong bones
  • Probiotic and prebiotic yeast products for a healthy gut environment
  • Organic chelated trace-elements for improved availability.

Joint Feed Balancer is formulated without cereal grains and provides only low levels of sugar and starch.

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