Spillers Ulca Fibre 20kg

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Spillers Ulca Fibre is an ultra-low starch, high oil fibre feed for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers or requiring a low starch diet.

  • Ultra-low starch, low sugar fibre feed
  • Support horses prone to gastric ulcers
  • High in oil for optimum condition
  • With alfalfa for natural acid buffering

Designed to help support horses prone to gastric ulcers following veterinary treatment, this feed includes soft short chopped alfalfa to extend eating time and provide a natural buffer to stomach acid. High in oil for slow release energy to fuel optimum condition and performance, high in vitamin E the most important antioxidant to support immune and muscle healthand high in quality protein including lysine to support muscle development and performance.

Spillers Ulca Fibre also includes a full range of added vitamins and minerals including chelated copper, zinc and manganese to help maximise absorption. A highly versatile feed that can be fed on its own or in addition to a suitable low starch compound feed such as Spillers Ulca Power Cubes.

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