Halleys Just Grass Blox 12kg

Halleys Just Grass Blox 12kg

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High fibre JustGrass Blox - the goodness of grass all year round

JustGrass Blox are an affordable way to help your horses and ponies stay happy and healthy all year round. Each block of top-quality forage weighs 1 kg, making it easy for you to feed a consistent amount of fibre daily.

Dust-extracted JustGrass Blox offer many advantages. For example, they:

  • Contain all the valuable nutrients of fresh grass
  • Are great for accustomising livestock prior to turnout
  • Provide the goodness of grass all year round
  • Help prevent crib-biting by giving stabled horses something nutritious to gnaw

JustGrass Blox are extremely versatile - you can feed them in a hay bar, bucket or trough in the stable, or outside in a bucket or trough - or on the ground.

Alternatively, if one of your horses prefers to eat dried grass in chop form, you can simply soak a block in 5 litres of water for a few hours before feeding.

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