Saracens Donkey Diet 20kg

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Saracen Donkey Diet is specifically designed to provide the right levels of nutrients and minerals for all donkeys. This is a low energy feed which is high in digestible fibre and fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to provide optimum health in all donkeys. The feed is cereal free therefore low in energy and protein but high in fibre to optimise body condition without giving excessive nutrients that can be detrimental to donkeys.

For older donkeys who may find chewing long fibre sources, such as hay, difficult, the Donkey Diet can be soaked into a soft mash. The high-fibre, low-energy recipe also makes this Donkey Diet suitable for donkeys prone to laminitis or metabolic syndrome. Saracen Donkey Diet is designed to be fed in conjuction with other forage, such as hay.

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